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Dr. Thomas has 20 years experience as a Weight loss Surgeon and is a change eating habits expert.

He and his Houston weight loss surgery team will get the weight loss insurance or no insurance - cash options process completed efficiently and will guide you to better eating habits."Weight loss surgery is only a tool to change eating habits and one only gets long term weight loss success to the degree eating habits change." Dr. Thomas knows how to get it done. 

Dr. Thomas has 30 years experience performing outpatient hiatal hernia surgery for HEARTBURN and REFLUX to resolve symptoms and become pill free. GERD.

The Proton Pump inhibitors (Nexium, Dexilant, Prilosec, Protonix) pills have risk of worsening cardiovascular, stroke, and dementia risk.  Surgery is low risk. Dr. Thomas will share more for you to decide. 


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